The Carrier That Can Breathe

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EASY HOOK DESIGN: Our lead features an advanced auto-lock hook to keep your best friend safe. Its easy and quick design allows you to clip this on even the most hyper of dogs. The clasp can be clipped onto a collar in seconds while the lead’s d-ring conveniently holds waste bags and other dog accessories.

COLORFUL, UNIQUE, AND IN-STYLE: The PawPawify dog lead comes in cute and unique patterns for stylish dog owners. Show off your beloved pup with our lead that stands out from the crowd!

COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: To reduce discomfort, the lead features two ergonomic padded handles crafted from premium neoprene. With tight stitching to prevent tears and fraying, the extra-strong nylon material is ideal for small and large dogs alike.

DUAL HANDLE DOG LEASH: Ideal for hiking and training, this ultra-strong dog leash ensures easy control of even large dogs. Complete with an auto-lock clasp for safety, the soft neoprene handles create a comfortable walking experience without rope burn.

PERFECT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS: PawPawify’s dog leashes are available in two unique and colorful prints, making them the perfect gift for dog owners. Give to a friend or family member so that they can walk their pooch in style while staying safe and secure.

PawPawify Dual Handle Dog Leash

Walking your four-legged companion has never been easier with PawPawify’s dual-handle heavy-duty dog leash. Perfect for breeds of all shapes and sizes, our lead has been expertly crafted with durable nylon to withstand pulling, with padded neoprene handles for improved grip and comfort while walking.

The long leash can be held from one of two handles, with a shorter handle for improved control around other dogs and busy roads. To prevent twisting to the lead, the strong alloy auto-lock clasp rotates 360°, with an added d-ring for your convenience.

●Padded grip for comfort

●Shorter traffic control handle

●Ideal for dogs of all sizes

●Suitable for all outdoor activities

●Auto-lock clasp for safety

●Durable and safe

●Rotating swivel clip to prevent twisting

●Two designs to choose from

Available now in two colorful patterned prints to suit any furry friend, the PawPawify lead makes an excellent gift for dog lovers, offering practicality without sacrificing style. If you have any questions or queries about our products, do not hesitate to contact the PawPawify team. 

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