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Make Travel Super-Comfortable For Your Pet: Ready to hit the road again? This 24L airline approved pet carrier is extra spacious inside, providing your pet with maximal comfort on your road trip, bus, subway, or airplane travel.

We All Live In A Feline Submarine: This ground-breaking submarine cat carrier uses a surrounding ventilation system on all sides and comes with a 3V whirlpool fan that constantly refreshes the air, keeping your pet cool at high temperatures.

Help Your Pet Cope With Travel Stress: Travel could be a stressful experience for your furry friend. This cat and dog travel bag has a transparent door so your pet can see the outside while you can keep an eye on it when you are out.

Soothe Your Pet With A Soft Night Light: Shed bright light into your cat or dog crate at the press of one button. Our pet travel carrier features a scientific division of skylights that make your pet feel secure at night.

Carry Your Pet In Style: This luxurious hard sided pet carrier comes with a 1.2m soft, double-layer shoulder strap that can be easily adjusted and allows you to carry your cat or small dog easily, without tiring your shoulder.

The Perfect Airline Pet Carrier Does Exist!

Looking for a reliable cat travel carrier for your weekend escapes? Need a sturdy puppy carrier to throw over your shoulder when your hands are full?

Presenting The Ultimate Pet Carrier For Cat And Small Dog by PawPawify!

Now you don’t have to settle for a poorly-made soft cat carrier that falls apart soon, an uncomfortable dog kennel, or a boring TSA approved pet carrier.

PawPawify has released an elite travel pet carrier that will keep your feline or canine safe and comfortable on the go.

Why Choose Our Airline Approved Cat Carrier? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

SPACIOUS AND COMFY: Whether you are traveling with your pet on a month-long vacation or heading on a quick weekend getaway, this large, comfortable 24L pet travel bag with the 1cm thick, plush cushion will make your pet feel like he/she is traveling first class.

 SAFE AND HYGIENIC: With a novelty ventilation system, a 3V whirlpool fan, and 4300 RPM air supply, our pet kennel circulates the air every 30 seconds, preventing suffocation for your pet on hot summer days.

 DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our submarine-shaped travel crate has a reinforced ABS structure that ensures it will never lose its shape. It is waterproof, durable, easy to clean, and comes with a soft night light and a handy hidden food container for treats.

Need More Reasons?

 Secure Cat, Small Dog Crate – External Safety Lock Prevents Accidental Opening

 Soft TPE Handle Prevents Fatigue – Easy Attachment To Car Seat Belt

 Soft Night Light – 7h Long-Lasting Battery

What You Get:

1 * Submarine Pet Carrier Airline Approved (489x320x299mm, 1.8kg)

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